The Free 4Crowd Widget

Make it as easy as possible for visitors to ask you questions from your website.

The 4Crowd Widget FAQ

Replace your 'Contact Us' form with a much easier way for your website visitors to reach you online - the 4Crowd Widget. Get more inquiries and increase your business for free.
  • How does it work? Just copy/paste 1 line of code into your website. A widget just like the one above will show up on your site. Visitors to your website can ask you a question through the widget. You will be emailed a notification and can respond to them online!

  • Is it free? Yes! Anybody can use it for free!

  • Why should I use it? The 4Crowd widget makes it much easier for your website visitors to get in direct contact with you online. These days, many people expect to do everything online. If your website just has a phone number or email address, many people will leave your website instead of contacting you because it is too much effort to get in touch with you. The 4Crowd Widget makes it so all they need to do is ask a question. It couldn't be easier! This translates to more visitor inquiries for you, which is what you probably want if you are running a business.

  • Do I need it if I already have a contact form? A lot of websites have 'Contact Us' forms because it is too difficult to implement a better communication system. The problem is, most visitors will not take the time to fill a contact form out because they don't want to give out their personal information. With the 4Crowd Widget, you can leverage the powerful online communication system of 4Crowd, and greatly lower the barriers that prevent potential customers from contacting you. We recommend replacing your 'Contact Us' form with the 4Crowd widget, or at a minimum, placing the widget on the same page.

  • What happens when a visitor asks a question? When a visitor asks a question, it will prompt them to login to Facebook. Once they do, the question will immediately get sent to your 4Crowd account. You will get an email notification. You can then respond to the question online similar to how you respond to Facebook posts. When you respond, the customer can immediately see your response online and will also be emailed a notification.

  • How does the Facebook Login work? We have partnered with Facebook to make it so that your website visitors can ask you questions without having to create a new account or type in any information about themselves. Whenever you ask a visitor to enter personal information or create a new account just to contact you, many will leave instead. But with the 4Crowd Widget, visitors don't have to enter any information about themselves - they just need to be logged into Facebook.

  • What if my visitors don't have Facebook? While over 500 million people have Facebook, some of your visitors may not be on it yet. This is fine - they can still ask you questions through your widget by entering their first name and email address. This way they still get a notification when you respond to them.

  • Can I customize the widget? Yes! We provide many ways for you to customize the widget to your own personal preferences. You can change colors as well as the default text and button text. Once you add the widget to your website, you can instantly change how it shows up on your website by customizing the widget online. No code changes required!

  • Can I have multiple people respond to questions? Yes! You can add multiple users to your account. For example, if you are running a store, you will want some people from each department to be able to respond to the questions that they are knowledgable about. Everyone you add to your account will be able to respond to questions, and see which questions have already been responded to by others.

  • Where should I put it on my website? Anywhere you wish. For starters, you will want to place it on your contact page. In addition, if you place it on the other pages throughout your site, you will be more likely to have visitors ask you questions. The more they see the Widget, the more likely they will be to contact you.