As a candidate, how can I participate?

It is easy for candidates to start participating in online debates.

  • Invitation from 4Crowd — You have probably received an invitation from 4Crowd to participate. Follow the directions to login.

  • Haven't received an invitation yet? — We might not have started debates for your race yet, or maybe the invitation didn't reach you. In either case, please send us a message here and we will get you setup.

Why should I participate?

As a candidate, you need to effectively reach and persuade undecided voters. We give you an easy and effective way to do that.

  • Answer Voters' Questions — Easily answer voters questions on 4Crowd. Since the answers are visible to all, by answering one question, you are able to reach hundreds and thousands of other voters who have the same question.

  • Challenge Your Opponents — 4Crowd gives you an ongoing opportunity to challenge and poke holes in your opponent's plans and policies. Convince voters why they should vote for you.

  • Reach Undecided Voters — Most existing social media outlets were not made to help politicians reach undecided voters. On Facebook, only people who "like" your fan page can post a question on your wall. On both Facebook and Twitter, the updates from your accounts go to your friends and followers. Undecided voters aren't going to "like" your fan page just to ask questions. 4Crowd is an ideal way to reach the undecided voters out there.

  • Reach A Large Audience — Because 4Crowd partners with local media outlets, such as local news TV networks, lots of people know about the debates. When a candidate posts on Facebook or Twitter, on average they may only reach a couple thousand friends and followers (mainly those that are already in their camp), but by posting an answer on 4Crowd, their answers are visible to tens and hundreds of thousands of viewers, both online, and through TV broadcasts as the news networks discuss the latest happening of the online debate.