Frequently Asked Questions

4Crowd is the first of its kind online political debate platform.

  • What is 4Crowd? 4Crowd is an online political debate platform transforming how voters interact with politicians. Read more about how 4Crowd works.

  • Is it free? Yes! Anybody can use it for free!

  • How does the Facebook Login work? If you already have a Facebook account, you don't even need to create a new account or type in any information to start using 4Crowd. Just click the "Facebook Login" button, accept the dialog asking you to confirm that you want to use 4Crowd, and you will immediately be able to start asking questions on 4Crowd.

  • How do I ask a question? On the debate page, first check to see if someone already asked the same question. If so, no need to ask it again! But if not, then type in your question and submit it.

  • Are questions reviewed? Yes, all questions are reviewed by a moderator to ensure that inappropriate, offensive, and duplicate questions are not posted. We don't want to waste the candidates' time or offend anyone.

  • How quickly will candidates respond? It varies. 4Crowd is real-time, so as soon as your question is approved, candidates can see it and respond. Some might respond within seconds. Others might not get on the computer until the next day, at which point they might respond.

  • Will I get notified when someone answers my question? Yes you can customize email alerts for the questions you ask. Please note that politicians cannot see your email, so you do not have to worry about getting political newsletters.

  • How many candidates will respond? It all depends on your question. Some questions naturally interest all candidates, while some may be directed at only particular candidates.

  • How do you protect my privacy? Politicians cannot see your email address. They can only respond by posting a response on your post. They cannot email you or call you.

  • Why is it called 4Crowd? Our name, 4Crowd, refers to voters having debate questions "for the crowd", where the crowd is all the candidates in a particular race. 4Crowd is built on a crowd-based communication technology that allows you to ask a group, or crowd, of people something with a single question. This works great for online political debates!