The Free 4Crowd Widget

Make it as easy as possible for visitors to ask you questions from your website.

What is it?

The 4Crowd Widget is a way for you to make it super easy for your website visitors to send you messages online.

  • Customize how it looks. You can easily customize your widget however you want. Change the default text, colors, font sizes, and width from the widget designer.

  • Add 1 Line of HTML. Once you customize the widget, 1 line of HTML code will be generated. Just copy/paste this code into your website, and you can immediately start receiving questions!

  • People ask you questions. Since it is so much easier than contact forms, you get more questions. You can reply by simply adding a response to their question. They will be emailed your response plus a link to view the conversation online and respond back if they want.

How can I use it?

Use the widget for all sorts of things.

  • Replace your 'Contact Us' form. Contact forms are outdated. People don't like giving out their personal information or filling out all the fields. As a result, they leave instead of contacting you. With the widget, there are no forms to fill out so you get more interaction with your website visitors.

  • Answer questions about your products or services. Retail and service providers can let potential customers ask questions about their products or services. By making it easier to ask questions, you get more leads and bring in more business.

  • Get messages from your visitors. News websites can use it to receive news tips or story ideas. Radio stations can use it to receive song requests. Politicians can use it to answer questions from voters. Be creative!

Why should I use it?

The 4Crowd Widget will make it much easier for people to contact you online.

  • Facebook Login. Your visitors can ask you questions by simply being logged into Facebook. They don't have to type in any information about themselves just to send you a message. The easier you make it, the more questions you get.

  • Verified Users. Every user is verified before you spend time answering their question. Facebook instantly verifies users, and those who don't use Facebook must verify their email address. This way you can focus on responding to customers, and not being concerned about spam or fake email addresses.

  • Powerful Communication System. It couldn't be easier to respond to customers. Just add your comment below their post. They can respond back if they want. New questions instantly show up in your feed without having to refresh the page.

  • Scales With Your Business. You can have 1, 2, 10, or 1000 users responding to questions from your widget. Each person can respond to those questions they are knowledgable about, and they can see which have been already answered by others.

  • It's Free. It is free to use the widget and it only takes a minute to add it to your website - no coding involved. Sweet.